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House Design Plans | Home Design Plans:

As all we know, planning is done at the very beginning of a project, act, etc. We do planning to suit everything in order. Without planning, the whole thing will be messed up. Now, in this article, let us see Building Planning or Home Design Plan. BuilDTecH Architects firm located in Coimbatore. It has been serving with its best designs. Thus, it has been getting rewards and praises from customers for its service throughout India as well as other countries around the world. The firm does the planning and executes in time.

House Planning | Building Planning | Space Planning | Utility Planning in Coimbatore

House Design Plans | Home Design Plans: Aspects of Planning

The BuilDTecH Architects’ Space Planning(House Design Plans | Home Design Plans) covers more than 108 important aspects. These all are developed in our own lab. It has Building Space Planning unique techniques (BuilDTecH Space Planner Software). Furthermore, BuilDTecH Space Planning makes it easier to access, comfortable, and more privacy.

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House Design Plans Home Design Plans Building Plans Space Plans Utility Plans in Coimbatore

House Design Plans | Home Design Plans: fulfill your needs and dreams

BuilDTecH’s House Design Plans (Home Design Plans) fulfill all your needs and dreams. It amalgamates all divisions such as Master Planning, Aesthetic Concepts, Structural Design, Interior Design,  Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Landscape, Water features, and Project Management.

House Design Planning (Home Design Plans) Techniques provides optimum utilization of passage and wastage area. It converts the wastage area to ducting, fins, storage, aesthetic element space, and utility space. Also, the Technique analyses the proper location to place and fit the furniture and fixtures respectively. As a result, it makes freeway in human movement flow. Each and every room will be designed in accordance with its personality.

Provision: House Design Plans | Home Design Plans

BuilDTecH Architects’ House Design Plans(Home Design Plans) contains provisions for good ventilation and aeration. To point out, it prevents the entry of heat rays and rainwater without affecting safety. It makes the provision of sustainable design and green building concepts. BuilDTecH Space Planning keeps the building cool in the summertime. Likewise, it keeps the building warm in the wintertime. Important to realize, it does the precise acoustic calculation for each and every room and the whole project.

Also, BuilDTecH Space Planning Aesthetic concepts take care of the safety aspects of aesthetic designs. Our home design planning avoids unnecessary demolition and alteration in the future. Above all, our planning gives support for future easy maintenance.

House Design Plans | Home Design Plans: MEP

The BuilDTecH Architects do MEP Design (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Design). BuilDTecH Space Planning focuses more on trouble-free MEP. Moreover, our design prevents insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes. Our house design plan gives proper slopes for Plumbing, human, and vehicle movements. In the process of planning, we take into account the structural and interior design, Project Automation, MEP, Landscape, and water features.

House Design Plans | Home Design Plans: Safety & Comfort

Also, BuilDTecH’s House Design Plans (Home Design Plans) concentrates on safety and security. Our house design plan focuses on senior citizen safety and senior safety & comfort. Our designs avoid theft (Anti-Theft Design). Likewise, we have analysis and designs to prevent accidents. Finally, our house design includes Proper Automation or Manual Security system and Fire Protection Design.
BuilDTecH Space Planning implements proper Vasthu Science without affecting AEC concepts – Vasthu and Psychological designing aspects. It adopts Manai Addi (for Indians). (It is not science.)

Architectural Elevation based on house design plans/home design plans:

The BuilDTecH Architects execute creative, innovative, and unique interior and an exterior elevation. Another point, our architectural elevation designs have unique characters. Our house planning shapes and fine-tunes each and every element. In addition, our designs always will be high quality visualizing aesthetic dream projects before actual execution.