Architectural consulting and interior designing businesses are always challenged to create designs that are creative and a beauty to watch; whilst optimizing the utility and functionality of the space available, at a cost that is considered to be worth in every sense. BuilDTecH architects have always taken pride to take these demands with great sense of responsibility and have provided solutions that are unmatched by the completion.

The key factors that drive the success of our designing business are:

I. Use Of Latest Technology

BuilDTecH architects have developed their in-house software BSP (BuilDTecH Space Planner)- its objective is to produce a plan in compliance the Vastu principles and provide maximum utility from the space available.

It also helps in creating new uses for passages. The other benefits being producing comfortable movement flow, extra storage areas.

We also use the latest versions of BIM, CAD and other related software that enable us to precisely understand the impact a proposed design will make on the structural stability, creation of green building, better ventilation with natural conditions.

The visualization enables the client to see the same design from different angles and how the design will be impacted by varying the factors. It gives an accurate aid to understand the design’s practical feasibility and long term implications too.

II.  Infusing Lifestyle Changes Into Our Designs

We recognize that lifestyles are continuously influenced Our experts always keep themselves abreast with the changes that lifestyles have on choices of customers.

Global magazines, attending seminars and webinars and involving in forums for architects are some of the steps we take to always keep ahead of the change.

For example from Modular Kitchens our experts are now experimenting on modular home’s theories.

III. Priority To Client’s Preferences

Customer is King! We take This statement very seriously at BuilDTecH architects. Our vast experience working with different types of people has enabled us to create highly detailed templates which we use to obtain the requirements from our clients. Please ask us during your visit and we would love to show you these templates that would show you how inevitable your inputs are for us.

architects in kovai
architects in kovai

Even during the later stages of the project we provide lot of means for our client’s to express their requirements and amendments they feel are necessary. We take them to similar sites (size, design, budget) to ensure our client’s get new perspectives, inspirations. We entertain doubts from our clients at any point of time.

IV.  Integrate Globally Inspired Designs With Current Indian Culture

In a globally connected world cultures are getting inter locked to a high level, hence a fusion these contrasting ideas give birth to interesting designs which were unthought-of in the past. Indoor gardening and water bodies have become a rage in most of the projects we have designed for our clients.

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V.  Application Of Secure Building Practices

architects in kovai

In-arguably, a building’s design is only as good as tensile and strong it is. Therefore, we follow the industry’s best practices that ensure your life and investment is absolutely secure. All the factors that make a perfectly secure building are meticulously considered, monitored and controlled so that you can enjoy an enduring experience in your building.

VI.  Produce Maximum Value For Money Invested

Transparency and clarity in our operations is epitome to our strategies in order to provide maximum value for client’s money. The processes that are used are proved as the being most cost effective methods while providing maximum value proposition. Our ethical practices ensure that our client’s hard earned money is spent on materials and processes add value to the whole project.

architects in coimbatore