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BuilDTecH Architect in Coimbatore – The Leading Architect Firm in Coimbatore.

BuilDTecH Architect firm is a leading brand of Architecture and Interior Design. Our team of architects has become one of the top architects in terms of executing the best Architectural Designs and Interior Designs in Coimbatore. The main purpose of BuilDTecH Architect in Coimbatore is to introduce to the world the best architectural and interior designs. We create the design patterns in our laboratory. We guarantee that our designs are aesthetic and exceptional.

Architect in Coimbatore The best & leading Architect in Coimbatore

Experience The Luxury In Life With The BuilDTecH Architecture And Interior Designs

The firm “BuilDTecH Architect” in Coimbatore is the top architects firm that provides artistic design patterns. The following subjects are what we are proficient at:

House Plan for residential and studio plan, Building Plan for commercial buildings such as schools, colleges, large scale as well as small scale industries, shopping malls, hospitals, wedding halls, and more, Interior Design for residential and commercial buildings, Architecture Design for residential and commercial buildings, Structural Design, Elevation Design, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Urban Design, Landscape Design, Construction Management, and Building & Engineering Services.

It has become important for a person who plans to build his dream house to choose the right kind of architectural firm which is a trusted brand among many commercial companies.

Choosing A Trusted Brand

Choosing a trusted brand is one of the main aspects for you to take into account to own an amazingly built house. Our expert team of BuilDTecH Architect in Coimbatore performs a detailed assessment by which we know your ideas and needs of your house. Obtaining all needs and wishes of the client in detail, we work out planning strategies to create the beautiful architecture designs in Coimbatore and around the world.

BuilDTecH – The Best Architect in Coimbatore

We take care of bringing a pleasant atmosphere into your house.

In this modern era, architects need designing tools with advanced technology. The firm, BuilDTecH Architect in Coimbatore, has the leading experts in using the higher-end BIM Software. Acquiring great insight into the newest architectural and interior design trends and styles, we use BIM Revit to provide you with sustainable designs.

BuilDTecH Architects’ objective is to offer you the best quality service. We provide Essential and Advanced Working Details with a fresh approach towards every interior and architecture design.

Architect in Coimbatore

The Best Architect in Coimbatore

Call us now for designing your dream home.

  • Space Utility Planning.
  • Effectively planning passage and wastage.
  • Working details consisting of Human Movement Flow.
  • Furniture Design with the arrangement.
  • Good aeration and ventilation system with preventing heat rays effectively from entering (both the natural and artificial ventilation).
  • Creating design specifically regarding the safety aspects.
  • Interior with a pleasant environment and Exterior Design with a new style.
  • We visualize every project before executing them.
  • Including your ideas in the design is one of the primary duties.
  • Integrating the advanced technology in all the subjects such as Architecture, Interior Design, Structural Design, Exterior Design, Elevation Design, Civil Engineering, MEP Design (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Design, and Project Management.
  • Cost estimation on Structural Engineering, MEP, Interior Design, and Exterior Elevation.
  • BIM-based PMC and Essential and Advanced working Details.
  • We guarantee that your project with us is economical.
  • Offering working documents with user-friendly working features by making use of advanced designing tools such as BIM Revit.
  • HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System.
  • Lighting Design.
  • Acoustic Design.
  • Creative Ceiling & Flooring Design, Ducting, Wall Paneling, and Storage Space Plan.
  • Color concept – Perfect combination of colors.
  • Construction Management.
  • Time and Cost Management.
  • Project management.
  • Real and real-time estimation.
  • Cost-cut-down practice.


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The founder and Chief Architect T.K. Jai Hari Hara Sudhan, the CEO of BuilDTecH Architect in Coimbatore, majored in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in CG-Architecture and Interior Design. He every day introduces new designs that are attracted around the world. Have counseling from us. And own a convivial setting inside of your house.