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(As on Jul’2020)

4.6 of 5

Excellent work in design and best cooperation for the satisfaction of the client.
Most latest deign to the current trend . . .

Mr. Rajesh

Chairman, Sri Sai Promoters

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55+ Reviews 

(As on Jul’2020)

4.9 of 5

I shared my requirements, dreams and thoughts about my Dreamhouse he designed a plan, it is very super, the planning stage he almost worked in front of me.

Mr. Govindarajan.K

Chairman, Jayalakshmi Engg. Works


34+ Reviews 

(As on Jul’2020)

4.9 of 5

The services provided by Mr.Sudhan was awesome. The plan, elevation and interior was appreciable.  Finally my dream home came true more than my expectations.

Mr. Shyambabu

Electrical Engineer

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BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore

Services – Building Design

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Building Design Services Offered by BuilDTecH in Coimbatore.

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Architecture Design

  • BuilDTecH Space Planning
  • Unique Elevation
  • BIM Based Construction Documents
  • Site Visits & More


Architecture Designs Completed

More About Architecture Design

BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore | Architecture Design | Best architects in Coimbatore

Architecture design gives a building shape and form. BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore is a dedicated firm to generating artistic architecture designs to get a better future for our clients. Through in-depth research, we introduce innovative designs. Best of all, we improve the lifestyle of people across the world by advancing our way of approach to creating designs.

BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore are devoted to exploring and inventing a sustainable environment. And we deem that it is our responsibility to make a better world. Having a real insight into the architecture design, we present designs harmonious with clients’ requirements and meet their expectations.

Our architects’ unlimited thinking and research lead to exciting discoveries about effective strategies to serve the world by delivering extraordinary designs. Indeed, BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore chisel clients’ ideas and vision of beautiful living. The designs we created stunningly reflect us.

Moreover, our passion and experience in the field of architecture drive us to create each project differently and make the clients entrust us with better and more fashionable architecture designs.

Our marvellous and valuable ideas become a bright living space. And our ideas collaborated with the clients and opened a way for them to obtain an opportunity to shape/her imagination. Most importantly, we always stay focusing on offering excellent architectural designs. Meet our team for a consultation.

Interior Design in Coimbatore

Interior Design

  • BuilDTecH Space Planning
  • Unique Elevation
  • BIM Based Construction Documents
  • Site Visits & More


Interior Designs Completed

More About Interior Design

BuilDTecH Interior Designers in Coimbatore

Interior design is produced for human use and architectural characters are uncovered in it.

BuilDTecH Interior Designers in Coimbatore provide innovative residential as well as commercial interior designs. Interior Design also consists of lighting design and plumbing design. Lighting plays a vital role in interior design. It creates an amiable mood in the space and thus in the inhabitants of the house. To reduce the heat entering the building, false ceiling and wall panelling are set up. We design and do furniture and fixture and their arrangement suitably in the house or workplace, respectively. And finally, interior decorative items such as vases, mirrors, beautiful wall coatings, and artwork are placed in the appropriate places.

BuilDTecH Interior Designers first formulate a clear concept of overall interior design – how the design should look like for a particular building considering the building space, climate, and the surrounding. Second, we present the design to the client and he/she reviews it if it is in harmony with his/her expectations and it meets his/her requirements. And he/she ensures that the interior design is safe, functional, and environmentally friendly and approves it to start the process. Finally, BuilDTecH Interior Designers begin further activities following the client’s approval.

Structural Engineering in Coimbatore

Structural Engineering

  • R.C.C & Steel Structural Design
  • Proper load calculation
  • BIM Based Construction Documents
  • Site Visits & More


Structural Designs Completed

More About Structural Design

BuilDTecH Structural Engineering in Coimbatore

Structural design analyses a structure whether it is sufficiently strong to bear and transfer the loads. In fact, the structural designer conducts the structural analysis to determine if the applied loads affect the structures and verify the structural design is safe and functional. Plus, the designer calculates dead load and live load, and external forces. Then, with the appropriate materials and structural equipment, the construction process starts to satisfy all the requirements.

BuilDTecH Structural Designers offer structural engineering consulting services for residential, commercial projects as well as industrial buildings all across India and overseas. We have successfully led the customers to a better and bright future. Also, we closely work together with architects to develop a strong and firm structure.

BuilDTecH Structural Designers come up with robust ideas to generate durable high-quality structural designs with extensive expertise and profound knowledge in the designing field. We work out innovative solutions to technical glitches that detain the construction process temporarily. Furthermore, we make use of technologically advanced tools like BIM Revit Software to achieve a better structural solution. And we enormously contribute to the preservation of the Eco-system. Last, we have our presence with every construction stage from conceptual planning to the completion of the project. Contact us for more details.

Plumbing Designing in Coimbatore

MEP Design

  • Mechanical – HVAC Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Plumbing Design
  • Site Visits & More with BIM


MEP Designs Completed

More About MEP Design

BuilDTecH MEP Design in Coimbatore


Master Planning Service in Coimbatore

Master Planning, Landscape Architecture & Project Management Consultancy

  • Township Layout Design
  • MEP Integration
  • Animation & Visualization
  • ————————————————–
  • Landscape & Waterscape Design
    Plant Section based on Nature & Climate
  • —————————————————
  • Time & Quantity Calculation
  • Extract Quality Construction
  • Labour & Material Management
  • Integrating all disciplines


Urban Design, Landscape & PMC Projects Completed

More About Master Planning | Landscape Architecture | Project Management Consultancy

BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore |  Master Planning / Urban Design

Master Planning Service in Coimbatore

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