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Building Design (Architecture + Interior Design + Engineering + Management)

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  • Interior Decoration
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Master Planning / Urban Architecture
  • Architectural Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Building Service (MEP Engineering)
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      • Electrical Engineering
      • Plumbing Engineering
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    • Modernization
    • Vasthu Consultancy
    • PMC Construction Management

Building Design – Architecture Design

BuilDTecH Architects have good experience in all kinds of projects and have the ability to design even complicated projects at different scales.

We believe that it is important to create an environment that meets and exceeds our client’s expectations.

Architecture Design

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Building Designs – Interior Design

BuilDTecH interior Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

Interior design is an integral aspect of architecture projects. We aspire our building designs with much creativity and better innovation.

We also provide interior design solutions to clients by working with their capacity requirements, schedule, and economic parameters.

Interior Design in Coimbatore

Building Design – Structural Engineering

Our aspiring engineering team performs enhancing designs that are perfectly unique to that specified area in both effective and economical aspects and also supports architecture and interior design services to provide a complete package for enhanced coordination and execution of projects. For Structural arrangement, we use the latest software (STAAD Pro, ETABS, and Robots Structural Analysis Professional) to design efficient structures and develop innovative solutions to suit difficult site conditions.

Structural Engineering in Coimbatore

Building Designs – Building Service Design(MEP)

Our MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineers offer clients a full complement of services dedicated to efficient system operation. Careful engineering studies ensure that each system balances the initial cost against operating costs to achieve an economical ratio that satisfies client expectations. We use BIM REVIT for safe MEP arrangement. Our building designs will be very economical.

The process of Building Services Design takes place to ensure the building is well-furnished with essential equipment for use. BuilDTecH Architects develop the working details of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing elements to provide a superbly comfortable environment.

Plumbing Designing in Coimbatore

Building Designs – Landscape & Waterscape

Our experts landscape team offer an unique range of landscaping service within the stipulated time frame. Backed by proactive team members, we undertake maintenance service for your landscapes by providing a varied array of manure, good soil, and other basic requirements. We constantly strive to satisfy our customers by presenting an outstanding range of landscaping services at the most competitive rates. We offer an exclusive range of laying of lawn, supplying plants, roof gardening, garden maintenance, farm, and resort development. We are experts in offering the service in accordance with the client’s choice and preference. Our building designs are appreciated by our customers.

Master Planning Service in Coimbatore

Building Designs – Master Planning & Urban Design

Our mission is to develop a community of inquiry, learning, and practice that helps urban regions to become more livable, just, economically effective, and environmentally sound through a democratic process of urban design and planning. An important service we take pride in is to develop large-area plans for single owners, mixed-use, and industrial parks. We work with our private sector clients to provide logical frameworks for planned development. We have also undertaken public projects in the present circumstances. Our understanding of the environmental, architectural, and financial aspects of projects at this scale translates into flexible systems for present and future needs. Our building designs fulfill our client’s needs.

Master Planning Service in Coimbatore

Building Design – Construction Management

Our established competency is in delivering projects on time and within the budget. The timely completion of projects is a result of our strict adherence to monitoring the schedule. The high light of all this is we do not compromise on our Design quality parameters.

From the conception to the ceremony of a new building, BuilDTecH Architects are responsible for day-to-day Construction Management. And our experts’ team is always with you in every stage of the construction. We schedule the project, plan, and coordinate the process of building construction on site. Call us to chat with one of our professionals and get clarified.

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