Famous architectural firms in Coimbatore – Profile

Prominent architectural firms in Coimbatore, such as BuilDTecH Architects, are dedicated to delivering top-notch services through an integrated and innovative approach to designing and executing project details. Personally, being an integral part of BuilDTecH Architects the Famous Architectural firms in Coimbatore , is one of the most rewarding aspects of our professional journey.

Famous architectural firms in Coimbatore

Famous Architectural firms in Coimbatore (BuilDTecH Architects) aim to provide quality services by employing an integrated and innovative approach to the design and delivery of project details. For my part, attending to be an intimate part of working an enterprise is among the greatest components of working in a small agency

BuilDTecH Architects aren’t simply an architect, we are Top Architects & Interior Designers Coimbatore Our Top skills in  Architectural Engineering Services is further augmented by BIM – state of the art – BIM Design & 3D drafting

Famous Architectural Firms in Coimbatore | Our consultancy is keen on going through so many factors for client satisfaction.

  • Strategic Space Utility Planning [SMS] (With Vasthu Sasthra).
  • Optimum Utilization of Passage and Wastage Area.
  • Provision of Good Ventilation and Aeration Preventing Entry of Heat Rays.
  • Taking Care of Safety Aspects of Design.
  • Innovative and Grand Interior and Exterior Elevation.
  • Visualizing Aesthetic Dream Project before Actual Execution.
  • Modern Technology Integration in All Fields (Like Architectural, Engineering, Interior, Landscape, and Project Management).
  • Cost Analysis on Exterior Elevation, Interior & Structural Designing.

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Famous Architectural Firms in Coimbatore
BIM Based Working Details & PMC

  • Guaranteed Economical project.
  • Highly user friendly Documents (Drawings) Thro’ BIM solution.
  • Mechanical (HVAC & more), Electrical, Plumbing, Landscape, and Acoustic Designing.
  • Creative Flooring System, Ceiling System, Lighting System, Walling System, Ducting, and Storage Space System.
Creative Architecture Designs in Coimbatore
  • Furniture designing, Furniture Arrangements, and Movement Flow.
  • Colouring Concept and Decoration.
    Construction, Cost, and Time Management.
  • Judicious Project Management, Real Estimation & Cost Cut Down Exercise

Team | Famous Architectural Firms in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH is headed by Mr. T.K.Jai Hari Hara Sudhan who holds a Bachelors’s Degree & a Master’s Degree in CG-Architecture with 25+ years of solid experience in various projects (more than 3000+) to his credit. With him as the Chief Architects, BuilDTecH has successfully accomplished various projects to the complete satisfaction of his clients.

He is customer-oriented & is meticulous to go into detail about each & every small piece of information which enables the team to enable quality services and the finest deliveries to our client. The team of BuilDTech has skilled experts in every arena of the planning & execution processes. Every individual here works with an agenda and focus to ensure the ultimate results in all the processes.

VISION | Famous Architectural Firms in Coimbatore

  • To design our MBS (Modular Buildings System under development) that can rotate, move, and withstand all-natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, Tsunamis, etc.
  • To become a Globally preferred Architect and Interior Designing firm in terms of architecture, interior designs, and structural designs.
  • To make modern plush business class designs and luxury affordable by the middle class strata of society.


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