House Plans – Building Plans – Types of Building Planning

House Plans – Building Plans – Types of Building Planning – Basic Planning:

We have more than 108 aspects. Out of which around 50 aspects the Basic Building Plan covers. The first point to remember, this type of Building Plan is economically suitable for clients who have about a thousand square feet. Thus, the Basic House Plan comes for below a thousand square feet of space. Though we construct a building or home with a low cost by using this method Basic Plan, everything will be compact in this plan. However, basics will be included such as ventilation and letting sunlight inside. In this plan, privacy can not be expected. Rooms will be compact, for example, bedroom size 10’ x 11” and hall size 16’ X 11′.

House Plans – Building Plans – Types of Building Planning – Standard Planning:

Standard Planning has another name. It is Civil Space Planning. To begin with, Standard Planning covers around 70 aspects out of 108 important aspects. This type of plan can be taken in if the space size measures around two thousand square feet. Moreover, every room built by the Standard Plan will be moderate. The project cost will be affordable. This plan consists of a basic interior based plan. In addition, we can expect basic privacy in Standard Planning. Finally, this plan contains essential room facilities space.

House Plans - Building Plans - Types of Building Planning

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House Plans – Building Plans – Types of Building Planning – Premium:

Premium Plan covers around ninety-five aspects out of a hundred and eight important aspects. Important to realize, this building or house plan comes between two thousand five hundred square feet and five thousand square feet. Another key point, the premium plan costs a bit much. However, premium Planning comes with full interior based planning. Complete privacy can be provided with this plan. Similarly, individual and personal privacy will be available. Uniquely, all rooms have highly facility space. Also, every room will be large spacious rooms.

House Plans – Building Plans – Types of Building Planning – Ultimate:

Ultimate Planning is the highest one of all the plans. Firstly, it is a high budget planning. At the same time, you can confidently expect very high privacy in the Ultimate Plan. Secondly, it covers all the hundred and eight important aspects. You can sense the luxury feeling in this highly developed plan. Above all, the Ultimate Plan has highly interior based planning. Also, it has many unique features for your building or dream home. In conclusion, all the rooms in this plan give a large space.

To summarize, the BuilDTecH Architects maintains its uniqueness by Evergreen Concepts. Our design team takes more care to choose long-lasting elements, shapes, materials, and colors. We use Modern Technology Integration to make more look and elegant. Furthermore, we carry out extensive and detailed research on new aesthetic elements, shapes, and materials. Plus, we conduct a cost analysis on exterior elevation. Then, psychological aspects: we implement proper element, color, and material in the proper place.

The services of the BuilDTecH Architects:

  • Space Planning
  • Architectural design
  • Structural design
  • Interior Design
  • MEP Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Fire Protection Design
  • Renovation.

The highly skilled architects of the BuilDTecH Architects Firm do all the planning. Never miss the artistic beauty of our architectural imagination in planning residential and commercial buildings and many other structures. We are here to help you at any moment. Please contact us if you need any solutions for the question of building planning and other construction-related matters.

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