Elevation Design in Coimbatore

Eye-Catching Elevation Design in Coimbatore

When you plan to build a new house, there involve high standard discussions. When we say elevation design, it refers to the Front and Rear side & Right and Left sides of a structure. The house has many elevation designs. However, the Front Elevation plays an important role in building construction.

The reason is that front elevation shows us how the house or building will look like, when viewed from a few distances apart, after the completion. Besides, it is essential to amazingly design your house with professional experience and relevant expertise in the architecture design environment. For that, we are in a position to choose a caring team of Architecture Designers for you and your family. So, the BuilDTecH Architects expert team is always here with you to create the first impression of your life-long dream house.

Front Elevation design in Coimbatore

Attractive Front Elevation Design in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Architects give the clients first preference to make a change, if any, to the elevation as they wish as per design codes and local building rules. We design all sides uniquely concerning the location of the street, front door, front sidewalk, and other features. It is necessary to keep in mind the open space and covered space when designing the front elevation. At the same time, it should be taken into account the aesthetics of the house and safety requirements.

Front Elevation Design in Coimbatore

Front Elevation Design in Coimbatore

Front Elevation Design in Coimbatore - House Elevation Elevation Design Contemporary and Modern Style

Front Elevation Design in Coimbatore – House Elevation Elevation Design Contemporary and Modern Style

Elements Analyzing of Elevation Design

The Best Functional & Non-Functional Elevation Design in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Architects create Elevations of the house with the Functional Design. The Functional Design, from its name, is a design that has everything for a function. For example, there come plumbing pipes on the front wall where the building is viewed. So, we draw the elevation design that suits with the plumbing pipes without spoiling the beauty in Elevation Design.

Now, we can understand that even if the plumbing pipes are on the wall, it is for a purpose. It cannot be seen as plumbing pipes but one of the design elements with Function. On the other hand, Non-Functional Design comes only for beauty and there is no Function. It should be noted that BuilDTecH Architects prefer Functional Elevation Design. However, in some cases, we also produce Non-Functional Elevation Design.

Front Elevation design in Coimbatore

When we design for you and your family, we carry out detailed analysis such as:

  • If it is an existing building, we alter the plan to fit the elevation design.
  • In the process of bringing up a stylish elevation design for your home, we fully analyze elements such as Pergola, window design, glass design, grill design, wall colour, texture, ducting, suitable tiles for each room.
  • We consider it important to discuss the possibility of working together with the end-user on design elements such as design style, pergola, roof garden, bands, cladding, handrails, parapets, the combination of colour, and so on, for sustainable homes or buildings that are Eco-friendly.
  • Based on Elevation styles & Finishes, we develop Concept Creation.
  • We bring up New Element Implementation and New Material Implementation.
  • We perform a comprehensive analysis of Design Elements and Materials to fit the elevation. The analysis also includes colour matching, high-quality Day View & Night View Rendering, and 3D Walkthrough.
  • We design all the design styles and Elements with advanced technology tools such as BIM Cloud Computing.
  • Cloud Storage.
  • Rendering with vegetation, vehicle, and human.
  • Overall, we give our best to offer you the Artful Designs.

Amazing Elevation Design Elements from BuilDTecH Architects, Coimbatore

Pergolas are designed for the front of the house as well as the backyard and garden area. Pergolas provide seating, cooler shade, and comfort to your front & backyard, and garden area. A pergola can be used for various activities such as reading, chatting with the guests and visitors, outdoor dining, and more.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right solution for your house. BuilDTecH Architects carefully design your pergola which will give outside space a calming look. We completely analyze your needs and wishes and offer different design ideas of pergolas to suit your and your family’s taste. There is a wide range of pergola designs. As we said before, we fully study your wishes and offer the design that matches your taste.

The window design is as important as any other element of the building. There are various types of windows used in building construction. Each room needs different windows. BuilDTecH Architects provide different window designs depending on each client’s requirement. Types of windows: fixed window, sliding window, double-hung window, pivoted window, casement windows, louvered window, bay windows, dormer windows, etc.